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  • Trauma is a word we throw around a lot. Does your pet’s death count as trauma? What about social anxiety on a first date? Or getting fired from your job?

    Trauma occurs when a person can’t cope with or respond to a difficult life event. The person may then get stuck in the fear response, which is often experienced as the need to fight, flee, or freeze.

    Once stuck in the brain’s fear response, clients will often feel shut down. That is, they stop feeling anything deeply, have difficulty remaining in the present moment, and avoid any reminder of the event.

    People vary greatly in their ability to cope with certain situations. One person’s trauma may be another person’s challenge. It isn’t as much about what happened as it is about not being able to handle what happened.

Is your self-talk as toxic as a Congressional Debate?

If so, peace of mind is not far away.

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